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Why Study War?

Victor Davis Hanson
reprinted with permission

Military history teaches us about honor, sacrifice, and the inevitability of conflict.

Try explaining to a college student that Tet was an American military victory. You’ll provoke not a counterargument—let alone an assent—but a blank stare: Who or what was Tet? Doing interviews about the recent hit movie 300, I encountered similar bewilderment from listeners and hosts. Not only did most of them not know who the 300 were or what Thermopylae was; they seemed clueless about the Persian Wars altogether. Continue reading

Sun, Sand, and Bells

by Bill Lewitt, EMT

Jeff’s H2H video was my first exposure to kettlebells.  I was instantly impressed with the tactical efficacy and boredom-proof material.  It was easy to see how juggling a 53 pound (or in my case 36 lb.) iron ball forces you to remain on task at all times.  When I heard Jeff was coming back for a class in Massachusetts, I knew I had to go. Continue reading

17-Year Old Tactical Athlete

by Joel Powell, February 1, 2006

I’m Joel Powell, a 17-year-old home schooled high school senior. At 5’10” and 153 lbs. I have no real athletic background, but enjoy fitness in general. My personal quest for fitness started when I was 15, when I realized there had to be a better way to get strong, be strong and stay strong than what I saw of the guys on the front of Muscle magazine. I have never wanted the “bodybuilder” look and I told myself that machines and related gimmicks were not for me. Continue reading

The Strongman Swing: Part II

The “Original” One Hand Swing by Mark Berry

(Editor’s Note: I would like to extend a special thank you to Matt who e-mailed me a copy of Mark Berry’s original exercise description taken from the 1936 The Mark Berry Bar Bell Courses.  If you are ever find yourself without your kettlebell, this is a great dumbbell exercise.  Read carefully, Mr. Berry makes some very interesting points.  For more information on The Mark Berry Bar Bell Courses, check out Continue reading

Conquering Tactical Pull-Ups

By Steve Baccari

Tactical pull-ups: overhand thumb-less pull-ups from a dead hang, chin must clear the bar

If you are not capable of completing a tactical pull-up, you are not alone.  Many people, most of who think they will not have a problem, cannot complete one correctly.  If they can complete 1, 2 to 3 is their max.  This does not have to be the case.  Anyone can learn to do this great exercise!  The following program is what I have put together for someone not able to do even 1 tactical pull-up, myself included. Continue reading