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Guest Post from Mary Ward

7 Essential Blogs for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletes

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is growing in popularity as a combat sport with new limits. This is a form of martial arts, though a bit newer and more focused on ground fighting and grappling than other forms. It takes a well trained and dedicated athlete and here we find through the blogs that individuals keep that this is a niche that isn’t going away anytime soon.

1. Kombat Arts Blog – This is a really fun blog to keep up with in this niche. You can track her progress as she moves through various competitions and tournaments which makes it interesting and fun. You can also pick up some great tips along the way from an athlete who truly understands the sport and is passionate about it.

2. BJJ Asia – This may come from a certain part of the world, but the knowledge is universal. Here not only can you learn all about the sport from people that truly know, but you can keep up with current events about it and see what a first hand and fresh perspective of it entails. This is a good one to follow simply to keep informed.

3. You Ain’t Hardcore Unless You Live Hardcore – This perspective and the blog postings come from a teacher but also a student of the sport. You can keep up with the many tournaments and associated adventures and therefore keep motivated and ensured that this is one niche that suits you.

4. Conceptual BJJ – It seems that there is no end to the number of tips and training regimens that are offered on this blog. It’s well organized, informative, and really a must read for anybody interested in or involved with BJJ. You can meet some really cool people on here and network to keep you motivated and working hard to keep getting better at the sport.

5. Jiu-Jitsu Philadelphia – This is what blogs are all about! This serves as a personal diary for the individuals from this particular studio as they train. Keep up with the progress, setbacks, injuries, accomplishments, and real life triumphs of these individuals as they go through the trials and tribulations of this sport.

6. Jiu-Jitsu 365 – This chronicles each and every day of what it is to be a BJJ athlete with the highs and the lows. You can see video, pictures, and real life accounts through the journal that is kept to show what it is to be a true BJJ athlete. You can find some great commentary and connections on here.

7. Dan the Butcher’s Jiu-Jitsu Blog – He’s a real person who not only happens to do well within the sport of BJJ, but also can write! He has had published articles and so as he goes through his real life accounts, the words just jump off the page at you. A great one to follow to learn all about the sport!

Mary Ward blogs about various job issues in the health care field, including how to study in CNA courses online.

Why Study War?

Victor Davis Hanson
reprinted with permission

Military history teaches us about honor, sacrifice, and the inevitability of conflict.

Try explaining to a college student that Tet was an American military victory. You’ll provoke not a counterargument—let alone an assent—but a blank stare: Who or what was Tet? Doing interviews about the recent hit movie 300, I encountered similar bewilderment from listeners and hosts. Not only did most of them not know who the 300 were or what Thermopylae was; they seemed clueless about the Persian Wars altogether. Continue reading

Sun, Sand, and Bells

by Bill Lewitt, EMT

Jeff’s H2H video was my first exposure to kettlebells.  I was instantly impressed with the tactical efficacy and boredom-proof material.  It was easy to see how juggling a 53 pound (or in my case 36 lb.) iron ball forces you to remain on task at all times.  When I heard Jeff was coming back for a class in Massachusetts, I knew I had to go. Continue reading

17-Year Old Tactical Athlete

by Joel Powell, February 1, 2006

I’m Joel Powell, a 17-year-old home schooled high school senior. At 5’10” and 153 lbs. I have no real athletic background, but enjoy fitness in general. My personal quest for fitness started when I was 15, when I realized there had to be a better way to get strong, be strong and stay strong than what I saw of the guys on the front of Muscle magazine. I have never wanted the “bodybuilder” look and I told myself that machines and related gimmicks were not for me. Continue reading

Conquering Tactical Pull-Ups

By Steve Baccari

Tactical pull-ups: overhand thumb-less pull-ups from a dead hang, chin must clear the bar

If you are not capable of completing a tactical pull-up, you are not alone.  Many people, most of who think they will not have a problem, cannot complete one correctly.  If they can complete 1, 2 to 3 is their max.  This does not have to be the case.  Anyone can learn to do this great exercise!  The following program is what I have put together for someone not able to do even 1 tactical pull-up, myself included. Continue reading