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Come by and see us!

Come by & see us!

Tactical Athlete will be at the Southeast CF Regionals this weekend in West Palm Beach, FL.  Come by the “Beyond Organic” booth and say “Hi” & learn about Jeff’s new eating program.


Exercise: Dead Clean

Here’s a challenging and core strengthening exercise that will immediately yield transferable benefits for your functional strength.  Until you’ve lost your core strength, you’ll never fully appreciate the need for developing it.  If you have lower back or pelvic floor injuries, I do not recommend you trying this until you rehabilitate those injuries.  For all you with healthy, strong cores – let’s take it to the next level. Continue reading

Exercise: Around the Body Pass

Around the Body Pass

“Around the Body Pass” is also known as the “Slingshot”.  It is a powerful midsection and grip strength exercise unique to kettlebells.  It develops strength, endurance, the skill of “matching the breath with the force”, and quick alternation of being loose and tight – essential in kettlebell lifting, martial arts, and sports. Continue reading

Nothing Quite Like It!

It was the theme of last month – NEW!  There’s something about that simple, little word that intrigues us.  Why it even brings a smile to our face . . . new clothes, a new hair style, a new book, a new recipe, a new friend . . . NEW!  As with every passing New Year’s celebration, people re-evaluate their lives, their schedule, their health, their goals, their priorities . . . and make a new resolution to improve.  Have you?  Perhaps you are convicted about improving your health, but lack time or the motivation to start.  Does the thought of planning your own training program exhaust you?  It need not be that difficult.  If you are a busy person like me, then you will love this new training concept. Continue reading

S.H.O.T. – Superior High Output Training

What is S.H.O.T.?
SHOT is an acronym for Superior High Output Training – and the way Jeff trains with a shot, it most definitely is just that.  The training benefits are indeed superior, demand a high-output of energy, and offer  numerous carry-over benefits to many sports and professions.  Just as Jeff took the monotony out of high repetition kettlebell training, Jeff transforms an ordinary shot into a multi-plane, multi-dimensional, and multi-sport enhancement tool. Continue reading

The 60-Day Challenge

“So what is this ‘60 Day Challenge’ I see on the back of your new DVD and on your website all webbuild2_11about?” people ask.

The “60 Day Challenge” is an online training program created to challenge women to begin, stick with, continually progress, and log achievements while training with the Kettlebells:  Cardio & Fat Loss for Women DVD.  It is a wonderful asset to help women achieve their goals – not just for 60 days, but beyond. Continue reading

When Cardio Just Isn’t Enough . . .

Women are surprised to learn that there is a wonderful alternative to traditional cardio.  In fact, they are delighted to discover that they can combine their cardio and strength-endurance training in short, very efficient training sessions.  They no longer need to go jogging, sign up for expensive gym memberships, or train on monotonous cardio machines.  There is a better way to improve cardio vascular conditioning, burn fat, and develop functional fitness. Continue reading

Warrior Diet Works for Me!

Having a B.S. degree in Home Economics, I have always had an interest in nutrition and enjoyed cooking.  I have been active and fit most of my life.  Over the years, I’ve gradually made many positive changes in both our diet and way of living.  I was satisfied with the healthful habits that had become ingrained and felt like that was sufficient. Continue reading