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Exercise: Dead Clean

Here’s a challenging and core strengthening exercise that will immediately yield transferable benefits for your functional strength.  Until you’ve lost your core strength, you’ll never fully appreciate the need for developing it.  If you have lower back or pelvic floor injuries, I do not recommend you trying this until you rehabilitate those injuries.  For all you with healthy, strong cores – let’s take it to the next level. Continue reading

Exercise: Hot Potato

The “Hot Potato” is a fun H2H drill that can be easily combined with other H2H drills for interesting combinations. Due to the fact when black kettlebells sit in the hot sun – they get HOT – you’ll find it natural to want to toss the bell like a hot potato!

The Hot Potato is a dynamic drill for strengthening the muscles of the core and upper body.   There are many variations to this exercise; some develop more hand/forearm strength than others.   Be sure to start out with a light kettlebell and gradually progress with both number of reps and with increased weight. Continue reading

Exercise: Around the Body Pass

Around the Body Pass

“Around the Body Pass” is also known as the “Slingshot”.  It is a powerful midsection and grip strength exercise unique to kettlebells.  It develops strength, endurance, the skill of “matching the breath with the force”, and quick alternation of being loose and tight – essential in kettlebell lifting, martial arts, and sports. Continue reading

Excercise: Snatch

Everyone needs to master the all-important snatch. Heavy or high-repetition snatch lifting will develop your core & grip strength as well as functional strength. The snatch has been described as an “overhead clean”, so if you can perfrom the “swing” and the “clean”, you are ready for the snatch. Continue reading

Exercise: Swing Release

The “Swing Release” is a dynamic “Hand-to-Hand” exercise that refreshes high repetition kettlebell routines that incorporate the traditional “Swing”.


  1. Take a natural stance.
  2. Keep your chest open and your back straight.
  3. Sit back rather than down. (Figure 1)
  4. Keep your shins nearly vertical throughout the exercise.
  5. Lift dynamically rather than hesitantly – SNAP through. (Figure 2)
  6. Keep your arm straight and loose; use your leg power.
  7. Extend you hips and knees on the top.
  8. Actively exhale at the top.
  9. Inhale into your abdomen on the bottom.
  10. When the kettlebell is about chest height, drag your fingers off the handle at a 45 degree angle.
  11. Allow the kettlebell to fly up vertically with the handle horizontal. (Figure 3)
  12. Grab the handle and resume the Swing. (Figure 4) Continue reading

Why Study War?

Victor Davis Hanson
reprinted with permission

Military history teaches us about honor, sacrifice, and the inevitability of conflict.

Try explaining to a college student that Tet was an American military victory. You’ll provoke not a counterargument—let alone an assent—but a blank stare: Who or what was Tet? Doing interviews about the recent hit movie 300, I encountered similar bewilderment from listeners and hosts. Not only did most of them not know who the 300 were or what Thermopylae was; they seemed clueless about the Persian Wars altogether. Continue reading