WOD 6-30-11

10 Reps Towards KB Perfection

For Time:

Prescribed weight – whatever you need to perform perfect reps.  Perform 10 reps each arm for all one-arm exercises.

10 One-arm Floor Presses R/L

10 Arm-Bar Stretches R/L

10 Double Floor Presses

10 Turkish Get Ups R/L

10 Military Press R/L

10 Push-Presses R/L

10 Russian Swings

10 Power Swings

10 American Swings

10 Swing Releases

10 One-Arm Swings R/L

10 Half Rotations Switches

10 H2H Switches

10 KB Dead Cleans R/L

10 KB (Swing) Cleans R/L

10 Bottoms-up Cleans R/L

10 Double KB Cleans

10 Thrusters

10 Snatches R/L

Genesis 50: 20

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but Godmeant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”

WOD 6-29-11

3 Rounds For Time:

10 Turkish Get-ups (each side) 24 kg KB

10 Muscle ups

Note:  Keep strict form, be smooth do not rush your TGUs.  It’s a timed event but not a race.  Switch sides after each rep.  Quality reps are essential – smooth is fast.  Do not sacrifice form for time!

The Constitution of The United States of America

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

WOD 6-28-11

Warm up

50 KB Snatches each arm (12 or 16 kg)

5 Rounds for Time:

3 Deadlifts (85% 1 rep max)

5 reps of “skin the cat” – to – L-sit Pull up (on bar or rings)

Cool Down

50 Double KB Clean & Jerk (or push press) (12-16 kg)

Constitutional Convention September 17, 1787, called for a vote on the new Constitution.  Thirty-nine of the fifty-five delegates at the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution.  By June 21, 1788, nine of the states had ratified it ,, extablishing the Constitution.  All the states had completed ratification by January 10, 1791.

Virtually all of the 55 writers and signers of the United States Constitution of 1787, were members of Christian denominations: 29 were Anglicans, 16 to 18 were Calvinists,, 2 were Methodists, 2 were Lutherans, 2 were Roman Catholic, 1 lapsed Quaker and sometimes Anglican, and 1 open Deist – Dr. Franklin who attended every kind of Christian worship, called for public prayer, and contributed to all denominations.

WOD 6-27-11

H2H Skill -Fun – Day!


5 minutes SHOT Drills

Practice 5 H2H Drills – 1 round of each drill of choice;

2 Minute Rounds/ 30 seconds rest between rounds

Have Fun!


Congress of the Confederation 1783, ratified a peace teaty with Great Britain at the close of the Revolutionary War.  The treaty began:

“In the name of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity.  It having pleased the Dividne Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,… and of the United States of America, to forget all past misunderstandings and differences…”

Day of Rest 6-26-11

Leaving God for the government god
Date:  10/19/2009 10:16:52 AM

by David P. Smith

Here in America, where church attendance is declining and “fruit inspection” tells us that the lifestyles of many who claim Christ is lacking in evidence of a Christian way of living, many have decided that giving up their liberty for the promise of comfort and convenience is the way to go.  Over the last 40 years, we’ve seen the public schools turn into places where it’s getting harder and harder to acknowledge our Creator in any manner; there’s actually antagonism in many places.  One has to be careful in witnessing because of workplace rules which discourage this.  Our nation is now considering protecting homosexual behavior with federal law and will punish Christians who actually believe what the Bible says.  The drift away from God in America is astounding.

The drift toward the “government god” is also astounding.  Instead of accepting the liberty that comes from knowing God and allowing Him to change the heart so that what was a struggle to live becomes a natural way of life, many don’t want anyone telling them that they need to change.  Everyone has to change to become a Christian.  So instead of allowing themselves to have a clean heart and clean mind that God has changed, many have decided to keep what they were born with and not seek God.

We see more and more laws being made in our country and there are more now than ever, but there are more problems now than ever with prisons bursting at the seams.  These laws that are intended to bring law and order just won’t work by themselves.  There has to be a change of heart so that people will want to live a lawful life on their own and not have the government god to look down upon them and force them to live according to how the government god says.  A free people with liberty can only stay free if they will govern themselves and stay away from unruly behavior without having to be forced.  A society that doesn’t regulate itself on an individual basis where there is personal responsibility will find itself in anarchy and then someone will come along promising to be able to fix everything.  Then the government god will have a face while all the worshippers wait for him to send them whatever they think they need.  A little more freedom lost doesn’t seem like much and people give up their liberty even more.  Finally, the government god wants it all and those who have been silent find themselves already caged and shackled.

Think about it and be revived to truly live the life that Christ died for you to be enabled to live.  Pray for your neighbors.  Speak the truth in love and boldly proclaim the only true liberty that is found in Christ.  Then our society will slowly reject the government god for the only God.

WOD 6-25-11

5 Rounds for time:

3 Power Cleans (165#)

3 Front Squats (165#)

1 Push Jerk (165#)

Note: Be very technical on the above lifts.  Scale up or down as necessary.

Finish with 3 Rounds of:

3  Clean Grip High-Pulls (205#)

Note: The CGHPs are for power development, don’t let a weak or taxed grip be the limiting factor on this lift, use straps, if necessary.


Congress of the Confederation September 10, 1782, in response to the need for Bibles which again arose, granted approval to print “a neat edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools.”  The printing was contracted to Robert Aitken of Philadelphia, a bookseller and the publisher ofThe Pennsylvania Magazine, who had previously petitioned Congress on January 21, 1781.  This edition has come to be known as the Bible of the Revolution.  The following Endorsement of Congress was printed on its front page.

“Whereupon, Resolved, That the United States in Congress assembled…recommend this edition of the Bible to the inhabitants of the United States, and hereby authorized (Robert Aitken) to publish this recommendation in the manner he shall think proper.”

WOD 6-24-11


10 Arm-Bar Stretch to Turkish Get-up combos R/L (24 kg KB)

5 rounds for Time:

10 Handstand Kick-ups (hold handstand for 3-5 seconds) Note: OK to use wall for spotting overbalance.

5 Strict Hanging Leg Raises (legs & arms straight)

3 Headstand presses (from rings- feel free to use bands for assistance/balance)

10 Snatch High-pulls 165 pound barbell


Continental Congress September 11, 1777, approved and recommended to the people that 20,00 copies of The Holy Bible be imported from other sources.  This was in response to the shortage of Bibles in America caused the Revolutionary War interrupting trade with England.  The Chaplain of Congress, Patrick Allison, brought the matter to the attention of Congress, who assigned it to a special Congressional Committee, which reported:

“The use of the Bible is so universal and its importance so great that your committee refers the above to the consideration of Congress, and if Congress shall not think it expedient to order the importation of types and paper, the Committee recommends that Congress will order the Committee of Commerce to import 20,000 Bibles from Holland, Scotland, or elsewhere, into the different parts of the States of the Union.

Whereupon it was resolved accordingly to direct said Committee of Commerce to import 20,000 copies of the Bible.”

WOD 6-23-11

AMRAP 20 minutes (i.e. As Many Reps as Possible)

3 Muscle ups

5 KB swing (32 kg)

7 Box Jumps


Continental Congress July 9, 1776, authorized the Continental Army to provide chaplains for their troops.  On that same day, General George Washington, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, issued the order to appoint chaplains to every regiment.

In his first general order to his troops, General George Washington called on:

“Every officer and man… to live, and act, as becomes a Christian Soldier defending the dearest Rights and Liberties of his country.”

WOD 6-22-11

KB Fran


Thrusters (2 – 16 kg KBs)


Body Building, Running, CrossFit... choices have consequences!
Body Building, Running, CrossFit... which one looks healthy?Choices have consequences!

Continental Congress, July 3, 1776 the after Congress approved the wording of the Declaration of Independence, John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail, reflecting on what he had shared in Congress and with prophetic insight, declaring the improtance of that day:

“I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary Festival.  It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.  It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sport, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever.

You will think me transported with enthusiasm, but I am not.  I am well aware of the toil and blood and treasure that it will cost to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States.  Yet through all the gloom I can see the rays of ravishing light and glory.  I can see the end is worth more than all the means; that posterity will triumph in that day’s transaction, even though we (may regret) it, which I trust in God we shall not.”

The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence paid a tremendous price for our freedom: 5 were arrested by the British as traitors, 12 had their homes looted and burned by the enemy, 17 lost their fortunes, 2 lost sons in the Continental Army and 9 fought and died during the Revolutionary War.

WOD 6-21-11

KB Linda

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps for time:

1.5 x BW Deadlift

Double KB Floor Press (40 kg or 32 kg)

.75 x BW Clean


Continental Congress, July 8, 1776, for the first time read the Declaration of Independence publicly, as the famous “Liberty Bell” was run.  Congress then established a three-man committee, consisting of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, for the purpose of designing a great seal for the United States.

Benjamin Franklin’s suggestions for the seal and motto, characterizing the spirit of this new nation, were:

Moses lifting up his wand, and dividing the red sea, and pharaoh in his chariot overwhelmed with the waters.  This motto: “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

Thomas Jefferson proposed:

The children of Israel in the wilderness, led by a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night.