Power Rope Training with John Brookfield

Who could imagine a total body strength routine and an intense cardio workout could be done with something so unassuming as a rope?  Yes, that’s right – shaking a big, long rope that resembles that which you’d find on the deck of a ship.  Not only will it provide you with a total body workout, but also for your entire family too.

John Brookfield, world-renown grip master and speaker, created the “Power Rope SystemTM ”after being inspired by observing nature.  As he watched the waves come rolling in and crashing to shore, he pondered the powerful force behind each wave.  By inspiration from the Creator, John figured a way to mimic this same flow of power in physical training.  A relentless power surge, if you will.

It was fascinating to learn how he developed such a safe, effective training program suitable for the masses.  After about one minute of shaking the ropes, Jeff and I realized the benefits and carry-over effects rope training delivered.  Similar to the intense training of high repetition kettlebell training or Jeff’s soon to be released “S.H.O.T.TM” – Power Rope Training will give you maximum results in minimal time.

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Please do not dismiss “Rope Training” – thinking that something intense enough to smoke Jeff would be too difficult for you.  Not so.  John has fully tested his system and come up with modifications appropriate for beginners, the handicap, strong and weak, young and old.  Even those confined to a wheel chair can tremendously work their core and upper body using the ropes.

The system is easy to learn – so even if you’ve been a couch potato for decades or are an Olympic athlete, you can start and reap immediate benefits.  Other benefits of rope training include:

  • low cost for equipment
  • minimal maintenance
  • very low risk of injury
  • can be performed anywhere spacious
  • can work strength, cardio, or power
  • can workout individually, in pairs, or in groups
  • one family can all use the same rope (two or three is all you’ll ever need)

As with most implements and systems we’ve toyed with, the Power Rope System can be modified and adapted to your own needs and personal style.  If you’re not so creative, then get a hold of John Brookfield’s DVD “Introduction to Power Ropes System” available via the link on our website, and start shaking your way to better health!

Maureen Martone