When Cardio Just Isn’t Enough . . .

Women are surprised to learn that there is a wonderful alternative to traditional cardio.  In fact, they are delighted to discover that they can combine their cardio and strength-endurance training in short, very efficient training sessions.  They no longer need to go jogging, sign up for expensive gym memberships, or train on monotonous cardio machines.  There is a better way to improve cardio vascular conditioning, burn fat, and develop functional fitness.

About 90% of my training is accomplished using kettlebells.  I use light to moderate weight kettlebells for non-stop cardio workouts, heavy kettlebells for strength training, and everything from light to heavy weight kettlebells for interval training.  Yes, just a few kettlebells is all that is needed.  I highly recommend kettlebell training for women of all ages and all fitness levels.  Since the reasons are many, I decided to list them:


  • cardio workouts (including warm up & cool down) in as little as 10 minutes
  • get a total body strength workout in 10-30 minutes
  • burn fat faster than with traditional aerobic training
  • say “Good-bye” to hour-long workouts
  • save time used for commuting to the gym and spend it with your family!

Build strength and improve stamina simultaneously

  • both can be worked efficiently every day
  • even when cardio is the focus, gains in overall strength will become significantly noticeable
  • routines as short as 4 minutes yield measurable and immediate results!

Improve functional strength

  • women need strong, healthy bodies to carry and deliver babies
  • young mothers need a strong core to safely lift small children – often done while in compromising positions
  • be strong and fit enough to play with your children; don’t settle for sitting and watching in the bleachers!
  • plan, prepare, and expect to live an active lifestyle in the senior years

Convenient – Work out at home

  • Indoors:  family room, basement, garage, – even your bedroom!
  • Outdoors:  find a level patch of grass
  • Carport:  The roof shelters the level concrete floor from rain and ice – and you from getting a sunburn.  Ideal for slow strength training.
  • Sand Pit:  can be build indoors or outside (don’t forget to rake in search for surprises left by the cat!)
  • Anywhere:  take it with you!

Never miss a workout!

  • Bad weather?  No need to drive to the gym.
  • Kids are sick?  No need to cancel training sessions or miss classes at the gym.
  • Vacation?  Secure a couple kettlebells safely under the seat of the car.
  • Flying?  Pack small kettlebells inside your suitcase (protected by the way too many clothes you packed!) – or – stow as a piece of luggage.   The handles make it easy to carry!

Versatile:  “The Hand-held Gym!”

  • work just about every muscle in your body with a couple of kettlebells
  • replaces the need for numerous pieces of gym equipment
  • compactly stores out of sight in a closet or under the seat of your car
  • don’t outgrow the smaller kettlebells; learn technique tips and exercise variations to make the lifts more challenging
  • program design can be as simple or complex as you desire

For everyone:

  • improve strength and stabilization of the core, shoulders, and knees
  • greatly improve your grip strength
  • train the entire body to work harmoniously together


  • no prior strength training required to begin kettlebell lifting
  • most kettlebell exercises are suitable for average, healthy women
  • rapid progress will be made by high-repetition kettlebell training
  • are wise to seek training under a certified kettlebell instructor

Elite athletes

  • kettlebell exercises are easily incorporated into current training programs
  • perfect for off-season training
  • “Carry-over” benefits have been documents by athletes in just about every sport

Meet specific goals

  • improve upper body strength (which most women lack)
  • slim your abs, hips, and legs
  • balance out your physique:  build or lose size in the appropriate areas
  • get lean
  • improve cardio
  • become functionally fit with total body strength training
  • protect yourself from carpal tunnel syndrome by improving grip strength

Inexpensive alternative

  • Gym membership fees – a few kettlebells can be purchased with money saved from annual membership fees.
  • Home gym equipment – a whole set of kettlebells can be purchased for the price on just one machine
  • Living space:  don’t sacrifice costly, precious living space for bulky equipment
  • Only one kettlebell needed to get started.  However, I recommend getting a 2-3 different sizes if you want to do all your training with kettlebells.

It’s FUN!!!
So, yes – “When Cardio Just Isn’t Enough . . . Pick Up A Kettlebell!”