I Feel Like a Well-Oiled Machine!

by Liz Kennedy & others

summer2005_224“I feel like a well-oiled machine.”  So says Lance Lohman, who at 21 years old, began using H2H Kettlebell training, taught by Jeff Martone, just over 2 months ago.

“I’ve been working out for 4 years doing traditional weight training, and the results I’ve gotten in the past two months meet and exceed the results I got in all four years of training combined!!” continues Lance, eager to share his enthusiasm.

“I lost 40 lbs., but the biggest difference is that I feel more comfortable in my body.  I feel tight, yet functional – springy and flexible.  I feel like a well-oiled machine.  My flexibility has increased dramatically.  My balance has improved.  I would highly recommend kettlebell training before doing any other kind of training, especially if you’re involved in sports.  It is truly the most functional workout possible.”

If Lance sounds like a convert, he is.  He joins scores of men and women who’ve trained with Jeff Martone in the use of kettlebells.  It may sound hard to believe, but Lance is standing before me, and I’ve known him for almost 9 months, and watched the change happen.

“I used to break my ankles at least once or twice a year.  Now my ankles feel strong and like they work with my body.”  Lance continues to talk about how good he feels, and he smiles as he does so.  “At the gym, people look at me like I’m crazy, but I can’t wait for someone to ask me about it.  I know someone who thinks they’re in shape will get a big surprise.”

While I also participated in the same class, I admittedly haven’t been as committed to my training as Lance has been.  And even so, I’ve noticed gains each time I pick up the kettlebells.  It truly does feel good to see and feel the difference.

Jeff’s class was well taught and motivating.  He approached each student with respect, and taught the class in a professional and relaxed environment.  The drills taught were challenging and were able to be adapted to different training levels.

Jen Haas, 31, says, “I am so excited for winter to come this year, because I learned so many ways to get a great cardio workout using kettlebells.  Now I can continue my challenging cardio workouts all year long.”

summer2005_225According to George Demetriou, a 40-ish martial artist (who is a Detective with a metropolitan police department) and committed fitness practitioner, “the difference between what Jeff does and a ‘typical’ fitness class is that by combining a chinning bar, kettlebells and free-weight exercises — you can perform a circuit of exercise that does not require a gym, much room, or a lot of time.  The program is especially suited for cops, military personnel, and martial artists.  The routines are designed to build strength in the entire body as well as being “metabolic” which is to say – it has a “cardio” effect which facilitates stamina and fat loss.  Most workouts do one or the other; Jeff’s routines do BOTH!”

If that sounds like an advertisement, so be it.  George and his athletic wife, Lisa, love the training and have incorporated it into their own demanding workout schedule.

Demetriou declares, “Cops and martial artists will like this training, because the routines promote the type of fitness needed for fighting.  The routines incorporate an excellent blend of strength, endurance, and flexibility.  They are designed to be short, yet challenging and intense.  They leave you with enough variety for it never to be a boring session.”

We’re told the routines have enabled Jeff to go from having damaged shoulders (from standard weight training) that almost ended his career – to doing multiple pull-ups with 106 lbs. strapped to his waist!  If they can do that kind of rehabilitation, there must be something to it!

This is a great way to supplement martial arts and defensive tactics training.  If you believe you are in good shape already, attending this class may redefine what you consider “good” shape to be.