Exercise: Around the Body Pass

Around the Body Pass

“Around the Body Pass” is also known as the “Slingshot”.  It is a powerful midsection and grip strength exercise unique to kettlebells.  It develops strength, endurance, the skill of “matching the breath with the force”, and quick alternation of being loose and tight – essential in kettlebell lifting, martial arts, and sports.


  1. Fold at the hips, keeping your back straight (not necessarily vertical) and dead lift the KB using two hands.
  2. Let go of one hand and begin the circular momentum. (Figure 1)
  3. Keep the abdominals and the lats contracted as the KB follows a circular movement around the body.
  4. Pass the KB from hand to hand – changing hands when the KB is in front, and again when it is in back of your body.(Figure 2)
  5. Go fast and stay loose until the moment your hand grabs the kettlebell. (Figure 3)
  6. Suddenly pressurize your abdomen and “send your energy to your fist”.  Instantly, to loose again. (Figure 4)
  7. Perform an equal # of reps in both directions.
  8. Go for time or reps;  terminate before your form deteriorates.


  • Look straight ahead; do not look at your hands or the kettlebell.
  • Control the kettlebell; do not let it pull you off balance or out of alignment.
  • Use a medium to heavy kettlebell.
  • Elongate the arms; bending at the elbows too much will burn your biceps.
  • Keep your chest open.
  • Shift your body-weight from side to side in order to maintain balance and speed.


  • Grasp the handle “corner-to-corner”, keeping it in a horizontal position.
  • Grasp the handle “fingertip-to-fingertip”; keeping the handle vertical.