Exercise: Around the Body Pass/Figure 8 Combo

The easiest and safest way to change directions when performing the “Around Body Pass” is to pass the kettlebell between your legs from front to back. The “Figure 8” drill can be done alone or combined with the “Around the Body Pass” drill and other H2H drills.


  • Begin with the Around the Body Pass. (Figure 1)
  • Simultaneously inhaling through your nose and folding at the hips. Be sure to the butt goes backwards, shins stay vertical, and weight shifts to the heels.
  • Keep your head up, chest open, and back straight.
  • Pass the KB from front to back. This movement is similar to that of a center, on the offensive line, “hiking” a football to the quarterback. (Figure 2)
  • Pass the KB “fingertip-to-fingertip” style (trying to keep the handle vertical rather than horizontal). This will help maintain proper back and shoulder alignment. (Figure 3)
  • Straighten up and resume the “Around Body Pass” in the other direction. (Figure 4)
  • Repeat the sequence (through the legs & around the body) following a figure 8 pattern.
  • Go for time or reps.
  • Terminate the drill before form deteriorates.

If you feel your abs fatigue, then:

  • Re-pressurize your abs.
  • Activate your obliques by contracting them harder.
  • If you sense your shoulders rounding forward or your lower back fatiguing, then it’s time to stop and rest.


  • Strengthens the entire core, legs, lats, and internal rotators of the shoulder.
  • Works stabilizer muscles.
  • Improves coordination.