WOD 5-29-10


Row 1000 meters


5 minutes of H2H Kettlebell or SHOT Drills

Work out - 4 rounds of 4 reps, 80% of 1 rep max

Squat (low-bar back squat)

Dips (weighted)

Chin-ups (weighted)

Igor Morozov, 90kg+ World Champion under Sergey Rudnev
Igor Morozov, 90kg+ World Champion under Sergey Rudnev

Hernando Cortez (1485-1547), was the Spanish explorer who conquered Mexico.  On February 10, 1519, before embarking for Mexico, Cortez addressed his force of approximately 500 men, supplied with sixteen horses and ten cannons saying:

Soldiers of Spain, we are standing upon the verge of the greatest adventure ever undertaken by so small a body of men. We now leave the known world behind us: from this time forth we plunge into a region never before trodden by men of our race or religion.  The hazards of this adventure I shall not dwell upon; they are well estimated by the bravest among you.

But I speak now of the immortal glory you will bring to Spanish arms, and to yourselves,, the successful accomplishment of the mission before us. The shores we shall storm are lined with teeming millions of savages, unfriendly if not openly hostile.

We have only our swords and our good right arms to protect us against their overwhelming numbers.  Therefore let not childish strife or inner dissension weaken the front we must present to the enemy.  If we go as united as we go courageously,, we have nothing to fear, nothing to lose…

We are on a crusade.  We are marching as Christians into a land of infidels.  We seek not only to subdue boundless territory in the name of our Emperor Don Carlos, bu to win millions of unsalvaged souls to the True Faith…

Let us therefore enter upon our labors, so auspiciously begun, and in the name of our God and our Emperor carry them joyously, confidently to a triumphant conclusion.