Day of Rest 6-26-11

Leaving God for the government god
Date:  10/19/2009 10:16:52 AM

by David P. Smith

Here in America, where church attendance is declining and “fruit inspection” tells us that the lifestyles of many who claim Christ is lacking in evidence of a Christian way of living, many have decided that giving up their liberty for the promise of comfort and convenience is the way to go.  Over the last 40 years, we’ve seen the public schools turn into places where it’s getting harder and harder to acknowledge our Creator in any manner; there’s actually antagonism in many places.  One has to be careful in witnessing because of workplace rules which discourage this.  Our nation is now considering protecting homosexual behavior with federal law and will punish Christians who actually believe what the Bible says.  The drift away from God in America is astounding.

The drift toward the “government god” is also astounding.  Instead of accepting the liberty that comes from knowing God and allowing Him to change the heart so that what was a struggle to live becomes a natural way of life, many don’t want anyone telling them that they need to change.  Everyone has to change to become a Christian.  So instead of allowing themselves to have a clean heart and clean mind that God has changed, many have decided to keep what they were born with and not seek God.

We see more and more laws being made in our country and there are more now than ever, but there are more problems now than ever with prisons bursting at the seams.  These laws that are intended to bring law and order just won’t work by themselves.  There has to be a change of heart so that people will want to live a lawful life on their own and not have the government god to look down upon them and force them to live according to how the government god says.  A free people with liberty can only stay free if they will govern themselves and stay away from unruly behavior without having to be forced.  A society that doesn’t regulate itself on an individual basis where there is personal responsibility will find itself in anarchy and then someone will come along promising to be able to fix everything.  Then the government god will have a face while all the worshippers wait for him to send them whatever they think they need.  A little more freedom lost doesn’t seem like much and people give up their liberty even more.  Finally, the government god wants it all and those who have been silent find themselves already caged and shackled.

Think about it and be revived to truly live the life that Christ died for you to be enabled to live.  Pray for your neighbors.  Speak the truth in love and boldly proclaim the only true liberty that is found in Christ.  Then our society will slowly reject the government god for the only God.