WOD 6-28-11

Warm up

50 KB Snatches each arm (12 or 16 kg)

5 Rounds for Time:

3 Deadlifts (85% 1 rep max)

5 reps of “skin the cat” – to – L-sit Pull up (on bar or rings)

Cool Down

50 Double KB Clean & Jerk (or push press) (12-16 kg)

Constitutional Convention September 17, 1787, called for a vote on the new Constitution.  Thirty-nine of the fifty-five delegates at the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution.  By June 21, 1788, nine of the states had ratified it ,, extablishing the Constitution.  All the states had completed ratification by January 10, 1791.

Virtually all of the 55 writers and signers of the United States Constitution of 1787, were members of Christian denominations: 29 were Anglicans, 16 to 18 were Calvinists,, 2 were Methodists, 2 were Lutherans, 2 were Roman Catholic, 1 lapsed Quaker and sometimes Anglican, and 1 open Deist – Dr. Franklin who attended every kind of Christian worship, called for public prayer, and contributed to all denominations.