WOD 9-23-09

AMRAP – 20 minutes (wear full gear or 30# vest)

3 Pull-ups

6 Burpees

9 Squats

Run 50 Meters


Schuyler Colfax (1823-1885), the Vice-President under Ulysses S. Grant, also served seven terms as a US congressman and was Speaker of the House from 1863-1869; he founded Daughters of Rebekah.  Colfax said:

” Man derives his greatest happiness not by that which he does for himself,,, but by what he accomplishes for others.  This is a sad world at best – a world of sorrow, of suffering, of injustice, and falsification; men stab those whom they hate with the stiletto of slander, but it is for the followers of our Lord to improve it, and to make it more as Christ would have it.  The most precious crown that a human being can ask is to kneel at the bar of God and hear the beautiful words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”



Ginger "the wonder dog" - R.I.P.
Ginger "the wonder dog" - R.I.P.