WOD 9-8-12


50 KB Snatches R/L (16 kg)

10 Knees to Elbows

Tactical Athlete Total

Three attempts each at:

Back Squat

Double KB Military Press (start in the rack position, hand must be below chin, press to lockout)


Weighted Pull-up

The CrossFit Total was created by mark Rippetoe.  He compiled the three most effective lifts for developing functional strength into one contest.  Now, all you have to do is add the weighted pull-up.  Be sure to pull with your palms facing out and make sure the front of your neck (not your chin) touches the bar; otherwise it’s just a good try.

Arm Bar Stretch - TAIC
Arm Bar Stretch – TAIC Knoxville

William McKinley (1843-1901,, assassinated) was the 25th President of the United States of America.  His administration was responsible for America becoming a world power after the victory of the Spanish American War, through the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippine Islands. Under his administration,, the United States was given the permanent lease of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, the Panama Canal was planned, and the Boxer Rebellion was put down in China.

On march 4, 1897, in his Inaugural Address, President William McKinley proclaimed:

Let me repeat the oath administered by the Chief justice: “I will faithfully administer the office of the president of the United States….” This is the obligation I have reverently taken before the Lord this day.  To keep it will be my single purpose and prayer.

Our faith teaches that there is no safer reliance than upon the God of our fathers… who will not forsake us so long as we obey His commandments and walk humbly in His footsteps.

President William McKinley stated:

The Christian Religion is no longer the badge of weaklings and enthusiasts, but of distinction, enforcing respect.

In respect to the Bible, President McKinley announced:

The more profoundly we study this wonderful Book, and the more closely we observe it divine precepts, the better citizens we will become and the higher will be our destiny as a nation.