WOD 11-21-12

AMRAP in 20 Minutes

3 Muscle-ups

5 American Swings (24 kg KB)

7 Box Jumps

In Advice to the Young, published in 1832, Noah Webster wrote:

“The ‘Advice to the Young’… will be useful in enlightening the minds of youth in religious and moral principles, and serve… to restrain some of the common vices of our country…. To exterminate our popular vices is a work of far more importance to the character and happiness of our citizens than any other improvements in our system of education.”

2012 IKFF National Kettlebell Championships
2012 IKFF National Kettlebell Championships

By God’s grace and strength, Jeff performed 100 reps of Long Cycle (continuous Clean & Jerks) with 2 – 24 kg kettlebells for 8+ minutes… falling short of his goal by 20 reps.  Due to a grip failure, he dropped the kettlebell and prematurely terminated his set… bummer!  With that said, Jeff’s numbers were good enough to earn him both 1st place in his weight class and absolute in his division.