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Bridging Part II: Mastering the Bridge in Minutes, not Months

Bridging Part II: Mastering the Bridge in Minutes, not Months

by Jeff Martone, owner of Tactical Athlete

awork3The wrestler’s back bridge is a great total body exercise that builds strength and flexibility. As Steve Baccari says, “It works everything – from your nose to your toes”. The following insights will result in almost instant results (i.e. perfect form) with minimal pain and suffering. What would normally take months to accomplish can literally be reduced to minutes. The best part is you don’t even have to be a wrestler to benefit from this exercise! To be sure this exercise is right for you, please consult your physician. In addition, make sure you have read and practiced the exercises in the “Bridging: Part I” article, before to attempting the exercises in this article. If all checks are “go”, lets move forward to bridging excellence. Continue reading

Bridging Part I: Releasing the Parking Brake

Tight hip flexors, bad backs and obesity are epidemic in the US today. Why? Because we’ve turned into a bunch of lazy lima beans that literally sit around all day. We sit in front of the computer “working”. We sit in front of the “one-eyed brain sucker” (i.e. TV) “relaxing”. We sit while eating, driving, socializing, etc. The result of all this sitting…shortened hip flexors, big bellies and lower back stress. The solution is as simple: 1) stretch/lengthen the hip flexors, 2) pick up a kettlebell and start swinging. Continue reading

Turkish Get-Up: Functional & Fun

The Turkish get-up is an excellent total body strength exercise formerly practiced by old-time strongmen and wrestlers. In the days of old, this was the first exercise given to aspiring weight-lifters to practice. It’s been said that no other exercises were given until the pupil could perform it with a 100 pound weight. Upon completing this goal, all the major muscle groups, small stabilizing muscles, tendons and ligaments of the practitioner have been significantly strengthened. In addition, the TGU has proven itself as an extraordinary exercise for developing strength, flexibility, and stability in the shoulder joint. Continue reading

The "88lb. Pull-Up Challenge"

88lbHas life become much busier than you would prefer it to be? Are you currently going through a hectic season in life and tempted to skip workouts because there is not enough time? Let me encourage you that rapid strength gains are possible even in times of high stress/low sleep, abbreviated training sessions, and irregular eating habits. The principles of low-rep/high-tension strength training work. The following story demonstrates that truth can be stranger than fiction. Continue reading

Fun With Kettlebells

The purpose of this article is to share a few insights to make some of the basic exercises more fun and challenging.

The Two Arm Swing: The two-arm swing is a simple and foundational exercise that can be mastered quickly. Because of it’s simplicity, many people get bored with it or forget it when they start practicing the more exciting C&Js, Snatches, Two Hands Anyhow, etc. You can bring the fun back to this exercise and build up the shock absorbing qualities of your joints by simply flipping and catching KB on the top part of the swing. (See photos) Continue reading

One-Legged Janda Sit-Ups

The Janda sit-up, as demonstrated in Pavel’s Bullet-Proof Abs book and Beyond Crunches video has been a staple exercise for me and the people I train. Ideally, it is best to use the Ab Pavelizer when practicing Janda sit-ups. If you find yourself in a situation where one is not available, don’t panic. In a pinch, a training partner, two-72 pound kettlebells, or a few sandbags to provide resistance against the back of your calves will suffice. Continue reading