The Challenge at the SHOT Show

p1010011_1Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc. had the opportunity to raise “the bar” at the 2007 Annual SHOT Show in Orlando, FL last month. SHOT is an acronym for shooting, hunting and outdoor trade – not to be confused with the SHOT DVD I produced (Superior High Output Training). This is a huge event. Imagine 656,100 square feet of exhibit space, 19,990 exhibiting personnel, 20,390 buyers, 1,342 members of the press and 494 guests – a total of 42,216 people under one roof. Our booth was in the “law enforcement/military section” on the very far end of the building. Some of our “neighbors” were 5.11 Tactical, Black Heart International, Original SWAT, Zistos, and a German boot company whose name totally escapes me . . . Continue reading

Competitive Shooting Q & A

The following article is a compilation of questions and answers concerning the physical preparation for competitive shooting. Dr. Von Rice gave me permission to share our correspondence with fellow tactical athletes. The training insights are universal and can be applied to physical enhancement for any sport or profession. Continue reading

New Life, New Strength

There are two things I never tire of hearing:

  1. The personal testimony of believers reflecting God’s amazing grace and
  2. The physical transformation of broken people, overcoming all odds, contrary to “conventional” wisdom and “main stream” training methods. It is my hope that the following true story will inspire and motivate you as much as it did me. Continue reading

The Strongman Swing

I recently rediscovered Mark H. Berry’s Illustration Chart Third Course In Weight Lifting Technique while searching though some unpacked boxes. I noticed a sequence which is described as a swing. It’s actually an interesting variation of a one-handed dumbbell swing (see photo). Unfortunately, no exercise descriptions accompanied Mr. Berry’s wall chart. I searched for a written explanation of this drill, but came up empty. Continue reading

Kettlebells and Road-Side Assistance

Kettlebells have been described as the ultimate free-weight, a total gym you can hold in one hand, the ultimate fitness tool, etc. Anyone who has trained with kettlebells can attest to their effectiveness in building strength, stamina, and fat loss. They are also convenient to take on road trips, whether for work or pleasure. I’m going to share a couple of incidents where the kettlebell came to the rescue in a non-fitness application. Continue reading

The Fighter’s Four (a.k.a. Advance Circuit #4)

Steve Bacarri; boxing coach and co-author of Power Behind the Punch: Kettlebell Conditioning for Boxers designed this great drill for increasing a fighters punch out-put. Even p1010212if you are not a fighter, this drill will rapidly increase your cardiovascular conditioning, strength-endurance, and “burn the butter”. Note: this is an advanced drill. If these exercises are new to you, get proper instruction and acquire proper form prior to putting them together. Continue reading

The Power of Three

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

Drill 3

  • Select three different sized kettlebells (i.e. 32kg, 24kg, 16kg).
  • Place them in a row, five feet apart, in descending order (i.e. biggest to smallest).
  • This is a three-part drill. Each part is one minute in duration.
  • Repeat for three rounds (9 minutes total). There are no breaks. Continue reading