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If looks could kill, you’d be dead – 1777 AD

In the sacred Scriptures, the Gospel of John, chapter 9 records an event in which the apostle John was an eyewitness to the healing of a man who was blind from birth.  The religious leaders could not accept that this man was healed by Jesus.  They who could see, became blind, while he who could not see gained his sight both physically and spiritually.  So it is with most historians.  Because they are spiritually blinded, they reject providential occurrences in people’s lives.  Due to their vain philosophies, the miraculous goes untold for generations.  The following is one such remarkable account in the life of George Washington that most modern textbooks of the General fail to record. Continue reading

The White Battalion 1918 A.D.

By April of 1918, World War I was coming to a swift close.  The Germans were facing the inevitable, defeat.  The mighty hand of God was revealed to hundreds of German soldiers in a miraculous way as they were advancing their troops near the little French town of Bethune.  Perhaps this incident occurred in order to allow them an opportunity to acknowledge defeat and to turn to God who controls the destinies of men and nations. Continue reading

The Battle of Monogahela

The account of George Washington in the Battle of the Monogahela was included in student textbooks in America until 1934.  During the French & Indian War, George Washington fought alongside British General Edward Braddock.  On July 9, 1755, the British were on the way to Fort Duquesne, when the French surprised them in an ambush attack. Continue reading

The Thundering Legion: Part II

In the winter of 320 AD, Constantine was Emperor of the West and Licinius was Emperor of the East.  Licinius, under pressure from Constantine, had agreed to legalize Christianity in his territory, and the two made an alliance (cemented by the marriage of Licinius to Constantia the sister of Constantine), but now Licinius broke the alliance and made a new attempt to suppress Christianity. He ordered all Roman soldiers to offer a sacrifice to the Roman gods to repudiate it on the pain of death. His edict reached the “Thundering Legion,” stationed at Sebaste, Armenia (now Sivas, Turkey), and the order was passed down to the legionaries. Continue reading